Support innovative projects for a better understanding and conservation of marine biodiversity

Promote exchanges between industry players, scientific experts, researchers and defenders of the oceans

Organise some public events in order to draw attention to threatened marine ecosystems 

Call for Projects

Closed until 2019

Pure Ocean Summit

April 26th 2018 – Brussels

Pure Ocean Race

Date to come – Marseille


Pure Ocean’s goal is to reach 1 Million € in initial funding, through the support and patronage of a first group of businessmen. It will later be extended to all companies, organizations or people, directors, employees and partners in the seafood sector, and also the general public who want to help it support a maximum of ambitious and innovative projects.

Pure Ocean is a unique and necessary project.

A commitment to protect fragile marine ecosystems

Act where there are no direct economic issues but an ecological emergency

Boost innovation and technological progress to move forward in the knowledge of ecosystems

Guarantee our common future by participating in the collective effort

About Us

Created on David Sussmann’s initiative, Pure Ocean is a fund under the aegis of King Baudouin Foundation, that aims to raise funds to support innovative projects for the preservation of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. 

Our Scientific Committee

Pure Ocean’s Scientific Committee, formed by people linked to environmental issues and researchers specialised in marine biodiversity,  will select each year projects to support. 

Our Projects

Each year, Pure Ocean’s Scientific Committee will define the criteria for the call for projects, which will be opened for a month. After supported projects selection by the Committee, the members will be informed of the projects’ progress by scheduled newsletters each term.