Support innovative projects to better understand and protect marine biodiversity

Organize media events for the general public to raise awareness of the situation of fragile marine ecosystems

Promote exchanges between ocean experts, researchers, businesses and anyone interested in protecting the ocean.



The aim of Pure Ocean is to mobilize companies, institutions and civil society to support a wide range of ambitious, innovative projects to protect fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

Boost innovation and technological progress to advance knowledge of ecosystems.

Acting where there is no direct economic stake, but an ecological emergency.

Protecting fragile marine ecosystems.

Ensuring the future for all of us by taking our own share of the collective effort.

Who we are

Pure Ocean is an endowment fund whose mission is to support innovative projects contributing to the protection of biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems.


Pure Ocean’s Scientific Committee, made up of environmental experts and researchers specializing in marine biodiversity, will select the projects to be supported each year.

Our projects

The criteria for the call for projects will be defined each year by Pure Ocean’s Scientific Committee. Once the projects have been selected by the committee, their progress will be monitored every two years.