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In France, donations to the Pure Ocean Fund are eligible for a tax reduction, as it meets the general conditions set out in articles 200 and 238 bis of the general tax code.

Feel free to inquire about taxation specifics in your country.

Why support us?

The ocean represents 71% of the earth’s surface and 97% of the space available for life. A true blue lung for the planet, it produces 50% of the Earth’s oxygen – more than all the forests put together – and absorbs 25% of CO2 emissions. Les océans sont confrontés à certaines des plus grandes menaces : changement climatique, acidification, pollution, destruction des habitats et de la biodiversité, surpêche, etc. There’s an urgent need for action.

Pure Ocean supports scientific projects of excellence, selected by our international Scientific Committee according to exacting criteria. Research projects aim to protect and restore biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems. We rigorously monitor the impact of funds allocated to projects.

Protecting the ocean means protecting life

Protecting the ocean means protecting life

You fund ocean research

With Pure Ocean, your donations have an impact: fighting plastic pollution, protecting key habitats, understanding the ocean to better protect it – these are our daily commitments!

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Raise awareness and mobilize your teams

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