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Pure Ocean is an international endowment fund based in Marseille and Lorient, dedicated to mobilizing civil society for the protection of biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems. The organization’s primary mission revolves around supporting ambitious and innovative scientific projects aimed at safeguarding marine life. To achieve its goals, Pure Ocean conducts an international call for projects, inviting proposals from around the world. These projects undergo rigorous evaluation by a scientific committee comprised of four distinguished researchers. The committee assesses the proposals, focusing on their innovative aspects, whether they involve technological advancements, ecological strategies, or social initiatives.

In addition to funding scientific endeavors, Pure Ocean actively engages in raising public awareness about the plight of endangered marine ecosystems. This awareness-raising effort includes organizing conferences, promoting races and sporting challenges with an environmental focus, and distributing “La Goutte Bleue” waste collection kits. These kits serve as practical tools for individuals and communities to participate in cleaning up marine environments and mitigating pollution.

Overall, Pure Ocean operates at the intersection of scientific research, environmental advocacy, and community engagement, striving to catalyze positive change for the protection and preservation of our ocean and marine life.

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Discover the scientific projects supported by Pure Ocean

Discover the scientific projects supported by Pure Ocean

Activity report 2022-2023


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Thomas de Williencourt, Director of Pure Ocean

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Stephanie Lerner, Communication Manager

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