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Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors

The ocean covers 70% of our planet and accounts for 97% of the water on earth. It connects people, provides food and oxygen, regulates our climate by absorbing almost a quarter of the CO2 produced, and is home to a wide variety of species.

But it’s in danger! Between global warming, plastic pollution, overfishing, loss of biodiversity and habitat destruction, the challenges are enormous.

Our ambassadors have decided to get involved with Pure Ocean to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the ocean and marine biodiversity, and to publicize the foundation’s actions. Their role, both through their reputation and their activities, is to raise awareness, raise visibility and help support scientific projects.

Convinced that sport is a means of transmission, their commitment is essential to spreading values and convictions based on respect for nature.

gilles gambini pure ocean sports ambassador

Gilles Gambini


Gilles Gambini, originally from Nice, discovered freediving through self-taught spearfishing at the age of 10.

In his first season of training at depth, he came 3rd in France and reached -80 metres by the end of the season!

Today, he is a member of the French deep-sea freediving team, with a record of -87 meters. Alongside his training and competitions, he works as a scientific diver, marine biologist, underwater cameraman, scuba diver and freediving and diving instructor.

His ambition? To pass on his passion and raise awareness of the need to preserve the marine environment through his professional activities, his sport and the expeditionshe takes part in.

Ambre Papazian


Originally from Martinique, she quickly proved herself on national waters, winning the championships in 2016. Her talent led her to Marseille, where she shone, winning the French championships that same year.

From first place in the Med Cup in 2019 to fourth place in the French Championship, she is racking up success after success.

But Ambre isn't just an exceptional athlete. On a daily basis, she combines her sporting career with her studies, with a Master's degree in Sports Management which she has just brilliantly completed! Organization, time management and perseverance: all qualities she has demonstrated in her dual commitment.

Sensitive to environmental issues, she shares our conviction that it's time to act.

Ludovic Gérard


Ludovic Gérard is passionate about the ocean and sailing!

Having become aware of the pollution of the maritime territory during numerous regattas, he decided to work and raise awareness of environmental issues by carrying out numerous actions for Pure Ocean.

He joined his friend Nicolas Brossay aboard "Solenn For Pure Ocean", a JPK 1080.

Both skippers have taken part in a number of prestigious regattas under the Pure Ocean banner. In addition to other races, in May 2022 they won the Cap Martinique!

Jessie Kampman

Kitefoil athlete

Jessie Kampman, who has been a dinghy and sailing enthusiast since she was a child, discovered kitefoil during her university studies.

She has traveled extensively, and practicing this sport has led her to become aware of the degradation of the ocean, her playground, particularly due to plastic pollution.

Jessie decided to wear the Pure Ocean colors to get involved in the NGO's actions to raise awareness of the need to protect marine environments.

Amaury Lavernhe


Amaury is an exceptional French bodyboarder. He grew up on Reunion Island, where he discovered bodyboarding. His talent quickly earned him a string of titles.

He was the first European rider to become professional World Champion in 2010, with a double in 2014.

Based in the Canary Islands, the two-time world champion took a break from the world circuit from 2018 to develop Amaury Academy, to teach his passion for bodyboarding and the ocean, across the globe.

Amaury remains determined to win a 3rd World Champion title and wants to turn this sporting project into a strong human mission by committing himself to Pure Ocean.

He's an extraordinary sportsman, a true waterman, committed to a cause that's precious to him: protecting the ocean.

Ainhoa Leiceaga


Ainhoa Leiceaga is a 21-year-old Basque, passionate about nature and the ocean.

Currently a full-time third-year physics and chemistry student, she is above all a high-level surfer in the France collective and now a Pure Ocean ambassador. It's this challenge that motivates her every morning!

A surfer on the European circuit, she wants to qualify for the world tour and participate in the Olympic Games.

She is committed on a daily basis to preserving the environment both in the organization of her sporting career and in her studies and raises awareness among those around her to reduce their impact together!

Pure Ocean represents the impactful continuation of its commitment!

Manon Peyre & Clara Sofia Stamminger


At the age of 20, Manon Peyre and Clara-Sofia Stamminger are young top-level athletes who train almost daily.

With over 10 years of friendship behind them, the duo decided in 2020 to set up this ambitious sports project.

The chemistry between the two sailors soon became apparent, and they went on to achieve promising results, finishing 3rd in the U21 Junior World Championship in 2022.

But that's not all: our sportswomen are also students: Manon is studying at Paris-Dauphine University, while Clara-Sofia is in physiotherapy school.

Their favorite playground? The sea or ocean, of course. Today, Manon and Clara have decided to commit themselves to this cause which is close to their hearts, because it's necessary to act, and together we can make a difference.

Steven Surina

Human-shark interaction

Born in Paris, Steven Surina grew up in Egypt and spent his childhood at a diving center owned by his family.

For over a decade, his travels around the world and thousands of dives with sharks have led him to study their behavior, as well as the threats they face and their conservation.

Founder of Shark Education in 2011, he specializes in human-shark interactions and organizes expeditions to discover sharks around the world. In 2017, together with Dr Seret, Steven created the first International Charter for Responsible Shark Ecotourism.

He is one of the few divers to have been able to dive off-cage with the great white shark.

Frédéric Switala


A child in the harbor of Marseille, a student in the bay of Aigues-Mortes, Frédéric has always sailed, raced and been passionate about sailing.

This year, he's taking on a new challenge: the "Global Solo Challenge", a solo round-the-world race aboard an old aluminum racing boat, to be called "Man of War - Race for Pure Ocean".

An opportunity to proudly wear the Pure Ocean colors!

Virgile Aubriot


A multi-faceted sailor, Virgil has sailed on a variety of boats. First the RS:X, then the 49er during training at the Pôle France in Marseille. He then sailed professionally in various series, including Diam24, TP52 and Flying Phantom.

After these 2 years of global pandemic, the athlete wishes to return to his passion: sailing around the 69F. "Pleasure, Sharing and Transmission" will be its watchwords in 2022.

Virgil has decided to live his Olympic dream and wants to give meaning to his participation in the Olympic Games: " I want to make a difference to preserve the ocean, my playground. My dream is to win the Olympics, to sail every day and allow other people to enjoy it as much as I do."

Jean-Pierre Dick


Jean Pierre Dick is a French skipper and navigator who needs no introduction. Since the 90s, he has distinguished himself in ocean racing, winning the Barcelona World Race on 2 occasions, the Transat Jacques Vabre on 4 occasions and 4th in the Vendée Globe in 2013 and 2017.

An outstanding sailor, he was named "Sailor of the Year" in 2011.
A renowned ambassador, Jean Pierre Dick raced under the Pure Ocean colors in 2020 and 2021 during the St Pierre Lorient-Défi Pure Ocean route.

These unique challenges enable symbolic records to be broken in aid of the Ocean. In 2022, he will attempt a new record in the Bermuda Lorient - Pure Ocean Challenge race!

These Pure Ocean Lovers have worn our colors

Arnaud Jerald


Arnaud Jerald is the rising star of freediving. Born in Marseilles in 1996, he grew up near the sea and made it his adventure ground.

He discovered freediving with his father. Suffering from dyslexia, it was in the ocean and thanks to freediving that he found himself.

He entered competitions in 2017 and surprised the freediving world with three national records.
In 2019, he set a new world record in constant-weight twin fins, diving to a depth of 108 m.

He repeated his performance in September 2020, diving to 112m. In 2021, he set a new world record of -117 metres at the Vertical Blue in the Bahamas and won the world championship title in Turkey. He broke the August 2022 record twice, with a descent to 119m and one to 120m!

Fabio Gennari


Fabio Gennari, a passionate amateur sailor from an early age, learned to sail at home in Marseille.

In 2018, alongside his work as an administrative judge, he trained for a year on the Class 40 circuit in La Trinité-sur-Mer before returning to train in Marseille with the aim of taking part in the next Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe in 2022. For this solo race across the Atlantic, he has chosen to wear the Pure Ocean colors.

The boat will carry the name "Bella Donna - Race for Pure Ocean" in the Route du Rhum, it will feature the association's colors on the hull and its mainsail will be built from recycled plastic. Fabio will encourage his supporters to contribute to Pure Ocean's work.

Denis Gargaud


At the age of 12, the Frenchman discovered canoeing thanks to his aunts and uncles. Quickly determined to excel in the slalom category, the French céiste quickly won the French downhill and slalom championships.

Denis climbed the national and international ladder at an early age, prompting him to leave Marseille at the age of 18 and move to Pau, where the facilities and natural river were perfect for his development.

Denis took part in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where he was crowned Olympic C1 champion.

European champion in 2021, Denis wants to bring something new to the table. These changes involve a commitment to a cause that motivates him: protecting the ocean.

Marie Bolou


A Finistère native by blood, Marie took her first steps by the ocean and quickly fell in love with the element. She took up sailing and became a top-level sportswoman with her sights set on the Olympic Games.

It was with great pride that she represented France at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, where she came 11th.

With several French Champion titles and top 15 finishes at World Championships, she is one of the best in her category.

The sea is a source of well-being and soothing, and Marie wants to get involved in protecting this vital environment.

Sébastien Demestremau


Skipper and sports journalist Sébastien Destremau is the first person from the Mediterranean to finish the Vendée Globe. In 2018, he finished second in the Route du Rhum, reinforcing his status as one of France's great skippers.

Sébastien is a committed sailor who lives the race differently, at his own pace. His race is against the climate emergency and the destruction of biodiversity. His motivation is not to win, but to discover and meet the ocean.

At the end of 2020, Sébastien set off on his 2nd Vendée Globe aboard his new boat "merci", in the Pure Ocean colors, with the aim of sending a meaningful message. Following a technical withdrawal from the event, Sébastien and "merci" continue on their way to the Ocean.

Morgane Ursault-Poupon


Daughter of famous yachtsman Philippe Poupon, Morgane was born the same year her father won the Route du Rhum in 1986. Having grown up in Trinité, the young girl began to sail the ocean at an early age, accompanied by her father.

A great sailor, skipper and trainer, Morgane raced under the Pure Ocean colors in the 1st edition of the Route St Pierre Lorient. In addition to her sailing career, the Frenchwoman is a specialist in sustainable development, and enjoys observing nature and working to protect it.



NatureWomen Challenge is the story of 4 extraordinary girls, united in a non-stop relay across the English Channel to the Mediterranean.

Géraldine, passionate about the ocean, is a professional scuba diver.
Barbara is passionate about outdoor activities: open-water swimming, mountain biking, trail running, triathlon - there's no stopping her!
Emilie, the youngest member of the group, is a seasoned kitesurfer, passionate about the ocean and very close to nature. Emma, the Normandy girl in the group, is a sporting and professional challenge in her own right.

In August 2020, the 4 Naturewomen completed their XXL triathlon between Dover and Marseille in just under 85 hours, relaying non-stop day and night! A total distance of 1,200km swum, cycled and run in aid of the Ocean

Join the Pure Ocean ambassador team

To support ocean research and your playground, join us!

What does it to be a Pure Ocean ambassador?

– Wear the colors of our foundation and support our projects

– Protecting your playground

– Talk about Pure Ocean and the causes the foundation supports

– Being part of a committed team

What are the advantages of joining Pure Ocean?

– Give meaning to your actions by wearing the colors of a committed foundation

– Concrete progress for the ocean cause

– Access to the Pure Ocean network of sponsors

– Receive assistance in terms of global and scientific communication

What’s your role?

– Communicate about Pure Ocean in your social networks

– Raising awareness of marine biodiversity protection at your sporting events

– Participate in pick-ups, conferences/webinars

– Meet scientific project leaders

– Fundraising

– Organizing a Race for Pure Ocean

How does the partnership work?

– 1-year renewable contract

– Organizing the partnership around your sports schedule

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