Besides financing research projects, Pure Ocean also promotes races and athletic challenges with the objective of raising awareness about the critical state of our oceans. The Race for Pure Ocean challenges are exceptional races, carried out by exceptional athletes, alone or in teams, selected to draw maximum attention to threatened ecosystems and highlight the importance of protecting them.

Enduroman, an extreme triathlon between London and Paris

Engaged athlete Brice Bonneviale takes on a challenge that measures up to the current environmental emergency.

As part of the Race for Pure Ocean initiative, in June 2019 Brice Bonneviale finished the Enduroman in 75h45mn, thus becoming the 37th person to complete this extreme triathlon. On June 22nd, he started his journey from Marble Arch, London, and ran the 14Okm to Dover in 16h55mn before diving into the waters of the Channel. Landing on French soil after defying the cold and the strong currents for 21h51mn, he got on his bike for the last 290km, which he traveled in 14h37mn. He reached the Arc de Triomphe in Paris at 11:45 p.m. on June 25th. His reason to go through with this: participating in the project carried out by Pure Ocean, that finances innovations destined to protect the oceans and their biodiversity.

An exceptional challenge to launch the Race for Pure Ocean series. By undertaking this athletic challenge that demands high levels of endurance and the ability to push one’s limits, Brice wished to contribute to raise awareness about current environmental issues that are threatening not only our oceans, but the entirety of our planet’s ecosystems. As part of this ecological commitment, while Brice’s team followed him throughout the race, they picked up the rubbish they found along the way. Oceans lover, he also hoped to increase public understanding of the extent of the threats facing our oceans and put forward the solutions that exist to protect them. He therefore chose to use this challenge to raise funds for Pure Ocean.

Monte-Cristo by night challenge

Amateur swimmers participate in a night-time race in the Mediterranean Sea to show their commitment to the protection of our oceans.

On the 20th anniversary of the Monte-Cristo challenge, Pure Ocean joined the biggest open water swimming event in Europe. Around forty amateur athletes affirmed their support for the environmental cause by participating in this high level nocturnal athletic performance, the second episode of the Race for Pure Ocean series.

On June 21st, at night fall, the go-ahead was given at the Chateau d’If, one of Marseille’s most emblematic monuments. The participants, all amateur swimmers, undertook a unique athletic performance while asserting their commitment to the protection of our oceans. With the Mediterranean Sea, maritime jewel of the South of France, as its background, this challenge allowed Pure Ocean’s project to gain visibility and raised public awareness about the critical state of our oceans – and our planet more generally. Thanks to this event, 20 000€ were raised for Pure Ocean. These funds will be used to finance innovative projects to protect the oceans and their biodiversity.

The Solitaire URGO Le Figaro race

Arthur Le Vaillant, a navigator committed to oceans protection.

In 2019, Arthur Le Vaillant took on the challenge of the Solitaire URGO Le Figaro race. He was pitting against 46 other skippers in this solo sailing race between Nantes and Dieppe, divided into 4 steps around the Channel and the Celtic Sea. Leyton France accompanied Arthur in this challenge, through which they both affirmed their common commitment to protecting the environment.

With this race, Leyton chose to show its support for Pure Ocean by joining the Race for Pure Ocean initiative, hoping to trigger awareness about current environmental issues.

Moreover, technologically innovative devices for environmental protection (sensor measuring air quality…) were installed on the boat in order to be tested in the field.

Kitesurfing along 100 kilometers for a new speed record

Alex Caizergues, kitespeed world record holder, commits to protecting our oceans and attempts to set a new record.

Alex Caizergues, 4 times kitespeed World champion and 3 times Champion of France, is the most prized kitesurfer in France. He currently holds the kitespeed world record: an average of 107,3 km/h on 500 meters. In August 2019, he will try to break his own record to affirm his commitment to oceans preservation. 

Ambassador of Pure Ocean, Alex is preparing a formidable challenge for the oceans. He has established a 100 km route between Essaouira and Agadir that he will travel in one tack, as fast as possible. 

For this first Race for Pure Ocean on the African continent, a new reference time has been set: 98.4 km 3:30! A record to beat in the years to come!

Prom’Swim: A 10 km race accross the Baies des Anges in Nice

Over 300 hundreds swimmers will participate in this incredible demanding race, the last event of the EDF Aqua Challenge. 

This year, during the Prom’Swim, all Nice will swim for the Oceans on Saturday, September 21st!

A 10 km open water swim: an exceptional distance, open to all, because amateur swimmers are also exceptional athletes. The go-ahead will be given at 9am from the Plage des Ponchettes.

Prom’Swim, the final event of the EDF Aqua Challenge, is dedicated to the oceans with the 10 km race labelled Race for Pure Ocean! Prom’Swim aims to be an eco-friendly event with a beach cleanup, waste sorting for recycling and the lowest impact on the environment possible. This year, straws, plastic plates & cutlery have been banned from the Race village.

A great opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment and raise funds to protect marine ecosystems with Pure Ocean.


Crossing the Atlantic: 5000 kilometers on a rowboat

Lilian Dauzat and Guilhem Orlhac rise up to an extreme challenge and raise funds for our oceans.

Lilian and Guilhem will take on the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, qualified as “The world’s toughest row”. Departing from the Canary Islands, they will reach Antigua, in the Caribbean, in a rowing boat. An outstanding challenge that demands incredible physical and mental endurance: more people have climbed Mount Everest than rowed across an ocean. Lilian’s and Guilhem’s passion for extreme challenges and for the oceans drove them to attempt this prowess in support of Pure Ocean. 

These two confirmed adventurers will travel 5 000 km in the Atlantic Ocean on a 7 meter long monohull boat. They will spend 40 to 70 days in this boat in complete autonomy. The energy they will need for on-board instruments, lighting and communications will be generated by solar panels built-in on the boat. 

Despite the extreme meteorological conditions, the physical fatigue and the stress, we can count on our two champions to make it to the end for our oceans!