Route St Pierre Lorient – The Defi Pure Ocean

A mythical transat to raise awareness of the fragility of the ocean

A 2150 nautical mile sailing transatlantic race between St Pierre et Miquelon and Lorient? With the crazy idea of beating Eric Tabarly’s mythical record by 10 days, 1 hour and 31 minutes?

This year, Jean-Pierre Dick’s JP 54 and Morgane Poupon’s Class 40 left starting line on July, 18th around midnight (Paris time) for the  Route St Pierre Lorient – Pure Ocean Challenge.

David Sussmann, Founding President of Pure Ocean, will take part in the Challenge on The Kid, Jean-Pierre Dick’s JP54. During the race, David will share his logbook with us. Each day, he will make a video on how it feels to be in the middle of a transat, but above all he will talk to us about the ocean, the threats that weigh on him and the role of science and researchers who find solutions for its protection every day!

Find and follow this video logbook on our Pure Ocean Fund Facebook page.

This event will raise awareness of the importance of protecting the ocean and raise funds for research programmes.