7 new Pure Ocean projects thanks to your support!

The 2024 selection process is finally over: the list of the 7 scientific projects supported from 2024 is now official! Selected for their scientific excellence and impact, they focus directly on:


🦑 ANTARCTIC BIOLUM: discovering the diversity of species and their interactions to support the preservation of the Antarctic abysses,

🪸 BUFFER: preserve Mediterranean red sea fans,

🦈 BYCATCH & BEYOND: combat additional catches of cetaceans and sharks with fishermen in Bangladesh,

🦠 MICROCEAN: understand and promote the role of planktonic life in the carbon pump,

🏞️ PLUME: quantifying pollutant flows in 3 estuaries in Vietnam and their socio-ecological impacts,

🌿 REGEN OCEAN FARMS: developing a pilot model for sustainable algaculture in Brazil,

🩺 SYNSEN: understanding the impact of microplastics on cell aging.


Based on technological, social and nature-inspired innovations, these projects have varied and specific fields of action with a common goal: to contribute to a better understanding and preservation of the ocean’s riches!


👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 These projects were selected by an independent, international scientific committee made up of eminent scientists: Gilles Boeuf, Kartik Shanker, Anna Zivian and Abdelmalek FARAJ.


Thank you to all our sponsors, who will make these projects a reality for the future of our ocean!


And a big THANK YOU to all the project leaders who applied this year – it wasn’t an easy choice.


Discover these 7 projects on video! 

Download the press release announcing the grantees

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