Discover our projects 2024 ➡️ Buffer 🪸

Discover our projects 2024 ➡️ Buffer 🪸

Do you know what a gorgonian is? These jewels of the Mediterranean are elegantly shaped tree-like colonies that are essential to marine biodiversity. They serve as nurseries for many fish, but also as life-support systems, like trees, at all levels of these animal forests, contributing to the balance of an entire ecosystem.

🌡️ Unfortunately, increasing marine heatwaves are threatening these precious treasures. Faced with this new climatic reality, some gorgonians are resisting, while others are succumbing. Why this disparity? That’s where the Buffer project comes in.

🧬 The Buffer team is embarking on a study of the genetic variability of red gorgonians in the Parc des Calanques. They will seek to understand the resistance mechanisms of these corals in the face of climate change.

🪸 Their aim: to produce scientific, political and awareness-raising tools to guide the targeted management of this ecosystem in a marine protected area. Because protecting gorgonians means preserving the future of an entire ecosystem.

📽️ Find out more about this incredible project on video!


Marseille’s Printemps des Terrasses du Port commits to the ocean with Pure Ocean

Marseille's Printemps des Terrasses du Port commits to the ocean with Pure Ocean

From May 23 to August 18, customers will be able to make a €0.50 micro-donation when they check out! ✨ These donations will support the “Floating Reef” project, which deploys eco-friendly mooring buoys in the Mediterranean to protect the seabed. 🐠

This collaboration allows our cause to shine through thanks to the visibility of the campaign and the commitment of staff, trained to talk about Pure Ocean and our actions. 🙌

Thank you to Printemps des Terrasses du Port and all their customers for their commitment! 🤗 If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to contribute!


How can we engage companies to navigate towards a sustainable future?

How can we engage companies to navigate towards a sustainable future?

This was the key question our director Thomas addressed at the Photo Impakt event. Alongside Maif and the IQo consultancy, they shared their experiences and perspectives on developing CSR strategies and impactful business models. 🌱

🙌 We were delighted to take part in this event and raise awareness among tomorrow’s young leaders on the rooftops of KEDGE Business School, in the Parc National des Calanques.

🌊 This event brought together citizens, companies and students around a common goal: preserving the ocean.

It was also an opportunity to reunite with former Pure Ocean team members Clément Pourtal and Atlantine Boggio-Pasqua – what a pleasure it is to continue acting together! 💙 As well as Laurent Debas from the Planète mer association, who carry the Yaf Keru project, supported thanks to your donations since March 2023. Pure Ocean Lovers were out in force!

Thank you to all the participants and to the Photo Impakt organizing team! 🌎

📸 Well done to the photographers! The 100 works on display, highlighting the beauty and fragility of the sea, marine life and coastlines, raised awareness and inspired change.


Discover our 2024 projects ➡️ Bycatch & and Beyond 🪝🦈

Discover our 2024 projects ➡️ Bycatch & and Beyond 🪝🦈

Every year, tens of thousands of rays, sharks and cetaceans fall victim to “by-catch”, i.e. accidentally caught without being targeted by fishermen. Caught in nets, these sensitive marine animals find themselves trapped with no hope of survival. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), up to 40% of the world’s fishing catch is by-catch.

❌ Worse still, a large proportion of these catches are not even reported. Artisanal fishermen, faced with technical and logistical difficulties, lack the means to report such incidents. The animals are therefore discreetly thrown back into the water, leading to their silent extinction.

✨ This is where the Bycatch & Beyond project comes in. Its aim is to involve artisanal fishermen in monitoring endangered species in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. How can we do this? By providing them with low-tech, easy-to-use GPS radio tracking devices. These devices will not only enable them to report by-catches of rays and sharks, but also to create a network of fishermen-actors in the collection of conservation data.

📽️ Watch the video of Alifa Bintha Haque, Zoology researcher at the University of Dhaka, who is behind this fascinating project!


D-1 to World Ocean Day: general mobilization!

D-1 to World Ocean Day: general mobilization!

On this day of awareness, what can we do for the ocean? For our part, we recently carried out several actions for our blue lung ⤵️

♻️ Waste collection: a double action! Prevent plastic waste from ending up in the sea, while raising awareness among a company’s employees. 💪

🍹 Shine a light on the ocean with the Blue Cocktail 🍸 Hotels in Marseille get involved with Pure Ocean via a commitment cocktail for a healthier ocean! A simple and enjoyable way to contribute to the cause.

🗣️ Conferences: Invite companies to get involved at a dedicated conference, as we did at the @Photo Impakt event 📸. A great way to share knowledge and create synergies.

🌟 Gather around this cause at special events to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean, such as for the 10th anniversary of @Terrasses du port.

💙 But above all: support it, again and again, like at our Ocean Gala to benefit ocean research, alongside 250 Pure Ocean Lovers.

And you, what are you going to do for the ocean this June 8? We’re counting on you!



Wow, what energy and emotion! 💙

A vibrant evening of conviviality and generosity, in a magical setting overlooking the Mediterranean, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to celebrate the ocean! 

A huge THANK YOU to the 250 ocean lovers who came together to support our precious blue lung, it was simply incredible. 

The auction was a real success thanks to your generosity: 76,509 euros were raised for ocean research! 🙌

All funds raised will be dedicated to ocean research to better understand and protect our ocean. Thank you so much to everyone for your unwavering support. 

Bravo and thanks to Nathalie Simon who hosted the evening with energy and good humor. Many thanks to Gérard Passedat for this exceptional meal. 🎉

Thank you for your commitment to the organization:

🌟 GNB EVENTS, & Loïc Maqueron, for the technical side,

🌟 Maison R&C: Yonathan Chamla and Romain Rudondy, auctioneers & auction moderators,

🌟 Sophie Salerno for her invaluable organizational advice,

🌟 Pixel Orsi for the catalogs,

🌟 Mole Passedat and Mucem for reception,

🌟 Marie Lacoste and Allegoria Studio, for photos & video.

And thanks to our partners for the prizes that raised funds for research

Ainhoa Leiceaga Alexandre Mazzia Alexis Jandard Antoine Dupont Beuchat Breitling Bruno Fabre Candela Coste Chaude David Vanadia Dédé Nafi Floriane Lisowski Fondation Michele Vasarely FROJO 1854 Gas Bijoux Jott Marie De Buttet Mahn Kloix Les Roches Blanches Le Collectif jaune Ludovic Gérard Lulli sur la toile Restaurant AM par Alexandre Mazzia Printemps Sébastien Arcouet SK Lerner Terrasse du Port Treizieme homme

Cette soirée mémorable de partage et d’engagement n’aurait pas été possible sans chacune d’entre vous 🙏

🌎 World Environment Day

🌎 World Environment Day

On this special day, let’s remind ourselves of the urgent need to preserve the balance of our planet.

🌿 The environment is a whole, made up of a set of interdependent ecosystems: if one of them is disrupted, our entire planet and its inhabitants are impacted.

At Pure Ocean, we are proud to support innovative scientific projects that help preserve this balance. Thanks to the mobilization of our researchers, we are taking concrete action for a more sustainable future. 🔬

💡 Let’s highlight 5 projects we support, each focusing on a different marine ecosystem:

🌳 Mangrove: Mangrove Beekeeping aims to develop a local, sustainable beekeeping activity based on mangroves, beneficial to both communities and ecosystems.

🌊 Estuaire: PLUME seeks to build a novel Franco-Vietnamese model to understand the ecosystem services of estuaries and their resilience in the face of anthropogenic pressures.

🐙 Abysse: Antarctic Biolum, aims to describe evolutions in deep Antarctic macrofauna thanks to innovative 360° bioluminescence emission/detection.

🪸 Reef: Reborn aims to optimize and experiment with a lipid cocktail to increase the survival rate of coral larvae.

🌿 Seagrass: PANTHER is restoring a vast seagrass meadow to demonstrate the importance of this ingenious species, and to establish with fishermen a pilot model for technical and economic transition on the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria.

By supporting innovative research projects, you are helping to maintain the balance of our environment. Everyone can take action and integrate environmental preservation into their everyday actions and decisions! 🌎

[Communiqué de Presse] Pure Ocean celebrates World Ocean Day with “Gala for the Ocean”

Press release

Pure Ocean celebrates World Ocean Day with "Gala for the Ocean"

On Tuesday June 4, 2024, the NGO Pure Ocean will hold its annual gala dinner at the Mucem in Marseille. With World Ocean Day just a few days away (June 8), this is an opportunity to remind people of the crucial role of the big blue and to raise funds for ocean research.

Read the press release ⤵️

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A look back at our awareness campaign with Airbus Helicopters!

A look back at our awareness campaign with Airbus Helicopters!

On May 30, we took to the skies with Airbus Helicopters for a special mission: cleaning up Corbières beach! More than 150 people took part, and thanks to them, 270 kg of garbage was collected before it contaminated the ocean!

♻️ This initiative follows an initial collection two years ago, as well as a dedicated conference last year. It testifies to the enduring commitment of Airbus Helicopters teams, who were keen to take part in this second action to protect our marine environment.

🌎 At Pure Ocean, we preserve the ocean by supporting scientific research projects. But we’re convinced that our mission doesn’t stop there. By raising awareness among the companies that support us, we raise collective consciousness and catalyze concrete action for a healthy ocean.

Thank you to everyone involved in this initiative, for their commitment and dedication! 

Pure Ocean Lovers carry the Olympic flame!

Pure Ocean Lovers carry the Olympic flame! 🔥

Our ambassadors and former Pure Ocean ambassadors, Ambre Papazian, Denis Gargaud, Emma Clair-Dumont, Arnaud Jerald, Alex Caizergues, and Fabien Gillot have been relaying the Olympic flame over the past few days. What an honor to see them shine at this global event! 🏅✨

A huge bravo to these 6 committed athletes, we’re very proud of them!