Pure Ocean: Together for the Planet!

Dear friends of the Ocean,

Last week, we were preparing the March newsletter to give you news about our projects. I  your commitment alongside Pure Ocean. I decided not to send them.

Given the situation, I think that it is important to address the pandemic in progress.

A “simple” virus imposes, in a few weeks, a global blast to human societies, our companies, our production and consumption systems, our lives. Highlighting, if necessary, the fragility of our human constructions.

Our guiding light to win the race against the pandemic is Science! The historic and continuous investment in health science allows scientists today to enlighten politicians on the necessary measures to protect us all. And thanks to their achievements, teams of researchers are already working on a future vaccine.

Trust and invest in science. It is also the mantra of Pure Ocean. To find solutions to the radical upheaval announced by the climate emergency.

This Coronavirus pandemic acts is an alert to our world’s state and underlines the imperative to act. Global warming associated with the degradation of natural habitats is impacting biodiversity, which, weakened, offers fewer natural ecological barriers to pathogens, which then blaze up exponentially in our globally interconnected societies.

Why did I say alert? Because this health crisis is a shock. A shock which demands brutal measures, which generate, de facto, considerable socio-economic risks. We are subjected to them because we did not anticipate them.

Together, let’s take the measure of this signal. We need to rethink everything. Let’s start a vast transformation movement: act and anticipate, rethink and adapt our models.

Our world is changing, more than ever, it is time for commitment!

I am President of Pure Ocean, but I am also a businessman. Despite the uncertainty, I am staying the course of my significant investment in science in favor of the regulator of the climate machine: the Ocean.

Together, let’s take care of our loved ones, our employees, our partners and our world.

You too, please stay committed. Invite your friends, entrepreneurs and leaders, to invest for the future, for a transformation of our world.


David Sussmann
President – Funder
Pure Ocean