The power of digital technology to protect the ocean

The threats to our planet are growing and the Ocean is crucial to the survival of humanity.
Today, everyone must commit to the protection of the Ocean! Scientists, athletes, politicians, companies, civil society, we are all actors.
One of Pure Ocean’s missions is to create bridges, link, between all these committed actors.
In this context, Pure Ocean was invited by Orange to speak about the environment to 300 employees from the South-East region of France.

This intervention was an opportunity for Cédric Jamet from the Laboratoire d’Océanologie et de Géosciences in Wimereux to present the “Ocean Coastal Watch” project supported by Pure Ocean. This project uses satellite data to create models for the preservation of coastal waters. The aim of the project is to evaluate and analyse the temporal evolution of the quality of European coastal waters over the last 20 years based on spatial remote sensing of water color. It will provide essential information for decision-makers to take the necessary measures to preserve natural biodiversity.

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