Just like Pure Ocean, Leyton’s work is based on innovation on a daily basis. They now decided to believe in the potential of innovation to protect the oceans, and to support Pure Ocean.

Leyton in London on July 8th 2019: François Gouilliard, Sam Goodchild & Arthur Le Vaillant ©Gyan Gurung Photography

François Gouilliard, CEO and co-founder of Leyton answers our questions:

What is Leyton?

François Gouilliard: I founded the first Leyton office 22 years ago with my partner, we could almost say in a garage… Today, Leyton is an international consulting firm active in 10 countries which continues to expand with, in particular, the opening of a German office. Leyton is also 1200 R&D, energy, HR and tax experts. Thanks to our expertise, capitalized over the years, and a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, we help our clients to benefit from complementary sources of financing for their development. Contributing to the growth of our customers is the daily commitment of our group. A commitment that makes us, today, the leader in financing innovation around the world.

What does Leyton do for oceans?

FG : Our employees are part of the young generation. They want to commit themselves to causes. In each country, they set up working groups to organize CSR actions within the Group. In 2018, thanks to their leadership, we decided to give a boost to our action by adhering to the UN’s Global Impact program and by sponsoring Arthur le Vaillant, a skipper committed to the protection of the environment.

As a sponsor of sailing races, we aim to educate the general audience by communicating during the races on the preservation of the oceans and the environment in general. For example, during the departure of the Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro, we organized a conference on the necessary transition of the nautical industry. Late September, in Marseille, several key actors of the South region, including David Sussmann, presented innovations for the protection of marine ecosystems.

But it is also about acting by using our know-how in innovation and sustainable development, the same skills that we use to finance the energy transition of our clients. This is how our teams first assessed the carbon footprint of a Class40 sailboat. Moreover, we have been able to install on the Bénéteau Figaro sailboat an air quality measurement tag developed by one of our clients.

Why does Leyton support Pure Ocean ? 

FG :  When Thomas de Williencourt presented us the Foundation’s missions, it was pretty clear! Associating innovation and preservation of our environment is at the heart of our commitment. More than a sponsorship, it is a partnership with very strong added value for Leyton and our teams. The Pure Ocean Fund and Leyton share many values, guaranteeing a stable and sustainable partnership: innovation, commitment and respect.

LEYTON & PURE OCEAN Highlights of the partnership

On May 31st, 2019, Deborah Pardo, scientific coordinator, gave a Talk for Pure Ocean and participated in two round-table discussions at an event organised by Leyton in Nantes. She had the opportunity to raise awareness among major actors of the nautical industry and of environmental protection. During the debates, participants exchanged ideas around the theme of sustainable development in the nautical industry.

On June 8th, 2019, Thomas de Williencourt, our Director, went to London to sign the Leyton-Pure Ocean partnership convention with François Gouilliard, President and founder of Leyton. On this occasion, Thomas spoke in front of some of Leyton’s clients in order to present Pure Ocean’s missions and actions and raise awareness about the critical situation of the oceans.

On September 23th and 24th, 2019, Thomas de Williencourt and Hubert Loisel, who leads the Coastal Ocean Watch project were invited by Leyton to attend an event at the “Yachting Club de France” in Paris to talk about preservation of marine biodiversity and remote sensing. 

On September 25th, 2019, David Sussmann was invited in Marseille as a keynote speaker on the theme “Innovate on the territory to preserve the oceans”