Pure Ocean announces 2018 Call for Projects award winners

Friday, April 5, Pure Ocean announced the 9 winning projects that will receive financial support following the 2018 call for projects. We received 65 applications from 21 countries and over 300 scientists. We would like to thank all the applicants for the high quality of the proposals submitted.

Pure Ocean supports projects that have the potential to open up new avenues of action:
1. Observe and measure changes in marine life, physico-chemical characteristics and their impacts on global dynamics,
2. Sustainable use of marine resources,
3. Identify techniques to restore ecosystems and biodiversity.

Several other selection criteria were taken into account, such as the level of co-construction, innovation, team commitment and the long-term impact of the project. Finally, projects needed to be co-funded by at least one other organization.
After an in-depth study by the Scientific Committee of Pure Ocean, followed by a risk and budget analysis, nine projects were selected to receive funding.

Pure Ocean will accompany the grantees throughout the development of the projects and will communicate regularly on the progress of these innovative and exciting projects.