Thomas de Williencourt appointed Director of Pure Ocean

Founder of the Epicurien Provence Fund, an endowment fund dedicated to sustainable food and former director of the French Observatory of Apidology, association for the safeguarding of bees, Thomas has been engaged for many years in actions that defend public interests. He has accompanied many programs that have had an international influence for the protection of our planet, such as the operation «Flowers for bees», educating citizens on the importance of safeguarding these pollinating insects.

Today, Thomas is taking on a new challenge for the planet, moving from land to sea and serving the preservation of the oceans. As director of Pure Ocean, he will accompany the development of the fund, so necessary in the face of the multiple threats that weigh on our oceans.

With his past experience, Thomas will develop partnerships with other key players who are mobilized on the subject, at local, national and international levels. At the same time, he will recruit and lead an international network of committed entrepreneurs – the «Pure Ocean Lovers» – entrepreneurs who love their planet and want to take action too. This will be achieved through the multiplication of conferences, awareness-raising events and other initiatives to reach the largest number of citizens.

«Researchers around the world are working to find solutions, we need to provide them with the financial means to succeed. That’s why I decided to join the Pure Ocean team »

© Cyril Chauvin