The art of preserving the ocean!

In the framework of the exhibition of the artist Aurélie Lethu, Pure Ocean is pleased to invite you to a morning of exchanges around plastic pollution on Saturday 14th May at the Espace Jouenne in Marseille!

Atlantine Boggio-Pasqua, Scientific Coordinator of @Pure Ocean will present the stakes of ocean preservation and the actions led by Pure Ocean, @Nelly Pons, author, will present her new book ” Déplastifier sa vie ” & the artist Aurélie Lethu will present her series of works made with plastic waste from the oceans.

An [Art, science & society meeting] for an ocean that breathes without plastic pollution!

Reserve your place now: Rencontre art, science & société : Pour un océan qui respire sans pollution Inscription, Le sam 14 mai 2022 à 10:00 | Eventbrite

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