Protect the Ocean, essential for life
The ocean is essential to the preservation of life: a biodiversity hotbed, the lung of our planet, capable of absorbing 25% of our CO2 emissions, guaranteeing the resources of the future. The ocean covers 71% of the planet and represents 99% of the living spaces available. It faces the greatest dangers (pollution, global warming,…). There is an urgency to act.
Pure Ocean supports state-of-the-art applied research projects to:

•Preserve biodiversity and fragile marine ecosystems,

• Find solutions for the sustainable use of marine resources (fisheries, energy, minerals…),
• Increase knowledge of the ocean and contribute to the fight against global
• Contribute to human health by discovering molecules, enzymes, micro organisms or developing therapeutic applications.
Three areas of innovation are taken into account in the projects supported:
• Technological > underwater robots, environmental DNA, …
• Social > participatory sciences, …
• Ecological > biomimicry, marine protected areas.

Pure Ocean, created in 2017, is an endowment fund with an international reach, based in Marseille. Pure Ocean mobilizes civil society, in France and abroad, to support ambitious and innovative projects for the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

“The ocean, the blue lung of the planet, is our life insurance.
Preserving it is therefore vital! ”
David Sussmann,