PREMIUM PARTNER: NGE supports concrete actions of general interest

A few words to introduce NGE?

The New Generations of Entrepreneurs, these are 13,500 women and men in France and around the world who build and renovate structures, roads, buildings, railways, fiber optic networks… All these infrastructures which transform our daily lives for more mobility and exchanges.

NGE is an independent French group, proud of its native region, the South, with headquarters near Arles.

At NGE, we say to ourselves that being proud of our region also means making a commitment to it. With the “New Generations” endowment fund, the Group supports concrete actions of general interest in two areas: education and environment.

What are the company’s actions for the environment?

Acting for the environment revolves around 4 major issues at NGE: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, upgrading materials, protecting biodiversity and natural resources, amplifying the eco-responsible approach with all collaborators.

41% of the innovation budget is spent on the environment. From 2017 to 2020, NGE supported a doctoral thesis which resulted in the development of effective techniques that respect biodiversity to fight against invasive alien plants. Once the work is finished, the sowing of specific mixtures of local seeds and adapted to each biogeographic region prevents the return of invasive plants.

Why did you choose to get involved with Pure Ocean?

Naturally, we choose Pure Ocean as one of the associations supported by our endowment fund, with the main challenge of supporting innovative research projects contributing to the protection of biodiversity in general, and, fragile marine ecosystems in particular. Our beach clean-up operation launched one morning in September 2020 in Marseille, at the Baie des Catalans symbolises our commitment: nearly 7 m3 of waste collected and recylced in a few hours!

We are fully aware that our sector of activity, the construction industry, must make further progress in its consideration of the environment, both in the way it constructs, in the choice of materials and in the durability of its works. We work on it every day.

Being called the New Generations of Entrepreneurs also means wanting to take our share of responsibility in a changing world and act positively in favor of society.