The Tour de La Provence and Pure Ocean join forces for the environment.

The Tour de La Provence, an event of international scope, brings together in Provence the leaders of world cycling (in particular the Tour de France teams) for one of the biggest French stage races (UCI ProSeries).

The Tour de La Provence, conscious that is generates important negative impacts on the environment, has set the objective of becoming an exemplary player and has solicited Pure Ocean to help achieve this. It is the first international cycling event to have developed an ambitious environmental program in collaboration with a foundation.

A wide-ranging program of responsible actions has been put in place in order to reduce the ecological footprint as much as possible: encouraging spectators to carpool to limit the number of cars in the vicinity of the race, eco-designed signage that can be reused from one year to the next, a trophy made of recycled materials, or having referees apply financial penalties if waste is thrown outside designated areas.

“In the face of environmental challenges, we must all mobilize to save the planet! In 2020, team spirit requires a strong commitment to environmental protection” concludes David Sussmann.

This collaboration is only a first step towards setting an example and we hope to do even better in future editions!

Together, let’s act and transform ourselves for the protection of the ocean!