The ocean covers 70% of our planet and represents 97% of the water on earth. It connects humans, provides food and oxygen, regulates our climate by absorbing nearly a quarter of the CO2 produced and shelters a great diversity of species. 250,000 species have been discovered, while it is estimated that there are between 2 and 5 million. So 9 out of 10 species still remain to be discovered. But the ocean is in danger! Between global warming, plastic pollution, overfishing, loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitats, the challenges are enormous. Our ambassadors have decided to get involved with Pure Ocean to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the ocean and marine biodiversity and to publicize the foundation’s actions. The role of the ambassadors, both through their fame and their activity, is to raise awareness, to give visibility and to contribute to the support of scientific projects.
Convinced that sport is a vector of transmission, their commitment is essential in order to spread values and convictions around respect for nature.

Arnaud Jerald is the rising star of apnea. Born in Marseille in 1996, he grew up near the sea and made it his adventure ground. He discovered apnea with his father. Suffering from dyslexia, it is in the ocean and thanks to apnea that he finds himself.
He enters competitions in 2017 and surprises the freediving world with three national records.
In 2019, he snatched the new world record in constant weight dual fins by diving to a depth of 108 meters. He has just renewed the performance in September 2020 by diving to 112m.

Arnaud Jerald – Freediver

Jean Pierre Dick is a French skipper and navigator who is not to be introduced anymore. Since the 90’s he has made a name for himself in ocean racing, winning the Barcelona World Race twice, the Transat Jacques Vabre four times and 4th in the Vendée Globe in 2013 and 2017.
An outstanding sailor, he was named “Sailor of the Year” in 2011.
A well-known ambassador, Jean Pierre Dick has already raced under the Pure Ocean colors in 2020 during the St Pierre Lorient route. A challenge allowing him to beat the symbolic record of Eric Tabarly and to collect scientific data for the benefit of ocean research.

Jean-Pierre Dick – Sailor

Lila is the hope of French swimming. The Montilinean swimmer, quickly on the podiums of the national championships in small pool, wins a bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018.
Lila, who trains at the CNM in Marseille, decided to join Pure Ocean to raise awareness and spread an important message in the swimming world and beyond.

Lila Touili – Swimmer

Daughter of the famous navigator Philippe Poupon, Morgane was born the year that her father won the “Route du Rhum” in 1986. Growing up in La Trinité, the young girl began to sail the ocean at a very early age, accompanied by her father. Great sailor, skipper and trainer as well, Morgane raced under the colors of Pure Ocean during the 1st edition of the Route St Pierre Lorient. Beyond her sailing career, the Frenchwoman is a specialist in sustainable development, she likes to observe nature and work for its protection.

Morgane Ursault-Poupon – Sailor

Skipper and sports journalist, Sébastien Destremau is the first Mediterranean sailor to finish the Vendée Globe. In 2018, he finished second in the “Route du Rhum”, strengthening his status as a great French skipper.
Sébastien is above all a committed sailor who lives the race differently, at his own pace. His race is the one against the climate emergency and the destruction of biodiversity.
His motivation is not about winning but about discovering and meeting the Ocean.
This year, Sébastien set sail on board his new “Merci” boat, in the Pure Ocean colors, towards his 2nd Vendée Globe, always with the aim of sending a strong message of meaning.

Sébastien Destremau – Sailor

Doris Wetzel is a woman of challenge. Deeply involved in windsurfing from a young age, she joined the German Olympic sailing team and won 4 national titles. She is now passionate about kitesurfing: a new way to approach her favorite playground, the ocean.
She then set herself a crazy challenge: crossing the Atlantic in kitesurfing.
This adventure, which began in 2017 with a Mediterranean crossing as a warm-up, will see the light of day in the summer of 2021 during the Pure Ocean challenge, where she will cross the Atlantic from St Pierre et Miquelon to Lorient.
Doris is a committed woman, the godmother of No plastic in my sea, founder & president of the association Womana, she is now committed to Pure Ocean.

Doris Wetzel – Kiteborder

Quentin Riché lives and breathes “boat”. Initiated at a very young age to sailing on the “family” boat and after a passage in the kitesurfing sphere, Quentin quickly focuses on his main passion: sailing.
The French skipper goes on regattas and when he is not on the sea, he designs boats as an architect at VPLP design.
Today, Quentin Riché has taken up the challenge of his first Mini-transat: a single-handed race between Les Sables d’Olonne and Saint-François, Guadeloupe.
A major challenge for this sailor who has decided to commit himself alongside Pure Ocean in order to participate in our mission: that of protecting the ocean.

Quentin Riché – Sailor

The Frenchman discovered canoeing at the age of 12 thanks to his aunts and uncles. Quickly determined to excel in the slalom category, the French canoeist quickly won the French downhill and slalom championships. Denis climbed national and international steps at a young age, pushing him, at the age of 18, to leave Marseille for Pau where the structures and the natural river would contribute perfectly to his progress. Despite a double failure in 2012 for the London Olympics qualifications, the Frenchman remains an outstanding competitor. Denis went back to training and changed coaches until the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 where he was crowned Olympic champion in C1.
Accompanied by his new team, Denis wants to continue, but bring something new. These changes require a willingness to commit to a cause that drives him: the protection of the oceans.

Denis Gargaud – Kayakist

Solenn For Pure Ocean’s challenge is to participate in a number of regattas and cruises aboard the JPK 1080, based in Marseille, skippered by the duo Ludovic Gérard and Philippe Mariani.
They are two great sailors who have a common passion for the ocean and sailing. Unlike in previous regattas, a friendship has developed over the years, leading them to sail on the same boat today, with a strong cause: committing themselves to Pure Ocean.
Having become aware, during numerous regattas, of the pollution of the maritime territory, the two French sailors are committed to working and raising awareness on environmental issues.

Ludovic Gérard & Philippe Mariani – Sailors

NatureWomen Challenge is the story of 4 extraordinary girls, united to achieve, in a non-stop relay, a crossing from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea.
Lisa, originally from Germany, is a great sportswoman. Competitor, she likes extreme sports, from mountain biking to ultra marathon races.
Barbara, a native of the Loire Valley, is passionate about outdoor activities. Swimming in open water, mountain biking, trailing, triathlon.. nothing can’t stop her !
Emilie, the youngest of the group, is an experienced kiteboarder, passionate about the ocean and very close to nature. Marseillaise since 5 years, she started triathlon 4 years ago.
Emma, the Normande of the group, is a sporting and professional challenge in her own right. This company manager, a sports wart since the age of 5, has several strings to her bow.
Extreme marathon, 5 summit challenges, many bike races, and a world champion title in quad.

Nature Woman – Triathlètes