How can we engage companies to navigate towards a sustainable future?

This was the key question our director Thomas addressed at the Photo Impakt event. Alongside Maif and the IQo consultancy, they shared their experiences and perspectives on developing CSR strategies and impactful business models. 🌱

🙌 We were delighted to take part in this event and raise awareness among tomorrow’s young leaders on the rooftops of KEDGE Business School, in the Parc National des Calanques.

🌊 This event brought together citizens, companies and students around a common goal: preserving the ocean.

It was also an opportunity to reunite with former Pure Ocean team members Clément Pourtal and Atlantine Boggio-Pasqua – what a pleasure it is to continue acting together! 💙 As well as Laurent Debas from the Planète mer association, who carry the Yaf Keru project, supported thanks to your donations since March 2023. Pure Ocean Lovers were out in force!

Thank you to all the participants and to the Photo Impakt organizing team! 🌎

📸 Well done to the photographers! The 100 works on display, highlighting the beauty and fragility of the sea, marine life and coastlines, raised awareness and inspired change.

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