D-1 to World Ocean Day: general mobilization!

On this day of awareness, what can we do for the ocean? For our part, we recently carried out several actions for our blue lung ⤵️

♻️ Waste collection: a double action! Prevent plastic waste from ending up in the sea, while raising awareness among a company’s employees. 💪

🍹 Shine a light on the ocean with the Blue Cocktail 🍸 Hotels in Marseille get involved with Pure Ocean via a commitment cocktail for a healthier ocean! A simple and enjoyable way to contribute to the cause.

🗣️ Conferences: Invite companies to get involved at a dedicated conference, as we did at the @Photo Impakt event 📸. A great way to share knowledge and create synergies.

🌟 Gather around this cause at special events to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean, such as for the 10th anniversary of @Terrasses du port.

💙 But above all: support it, again and again, like at our Ocean Gala to benefit ocean research, alongside 250 Pure Ocean Lovers.

And you, what are you going to do for the ocean this June 8? We’re counting on you!

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