Proud of our ambassadors - Meet IQ Foil athlete Ambre Papazian!

Ambre embodies passion and determination. Originally from Martinique, she quickly proved herself on national waters, winning the championships in 2016. Her talent led her to Marseille, where she shone, winning the French championships the same year.

Since then, Ambre has continued to push her limits. From first place at the Med Cup in 2019 to fourth place at the French Championships, she’s been racking up success after success.

But Ambre isn’t just an exceptional athlete. On a day-to-day basis, she combines her sporting career with her studies, with a Master’s degree in Sports Management which she has just brilliantly completed! Organization, time management and perseverance are just some of the qualities she has demonstrated in her dual commitment. Bravo @Ambre, the whole team is proud of you, and once again, you’ve risen to the challenge!

365 days a year, Ambre defies the waves, making the ocean her second home. Sensitive to environmental issues, she shares our conviction that it’s time to act. Her commitment to Pure Ocean is living proof.

Meet her on video! 🎥

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