Polite But Massive Failure at INC-3: The Global Plastics Treaty in Peril

Despite clear hopes and recommendations, the third round of negotiations of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee in Nairobi ended without any concrete progress towards a global agreement on plastic pollution. Member States failed to agree on intersessional priorities, compromising the treaty negotiation process.

Challenges persist, with the overriding influence of the petrochemical industry and countries’ lack of ambition. But hope remains. Member states have until the end of 2024 to conclude one of the most important environmental agreements in history. However, the obstacles are many, and the next opportunities seem harder to seize.

It is imperative that member states put in place robust policies against conflicts of interest, and reassess their approach to countries deliberately hindering the ambition of the negotiation process.

The road to a comprehensive treaty on plastic pollution remains difficult, but the need for action is pressing. We are now looking to the future, hoping that INC-4 on April 30 in Ottawa will mark a turning point towards decisive action for our planet, before the final stage, our last chance: bringing the treaty to a successful conclusion in November 2024.