David Sussmann, President and Founder of Pure Ocean Fund, continues to share with you his adventure on the water and talks to you today about a major environmental issue:
“Hello friends, currently live on the JP54 where the crew and I are making good progress! Today I’d like to talk to you about global warming. Did you know that last March, we recorded temperatures of +30° in the Arctic and +40° in the Antarctic compared to the normal season!
Since the last edition of the Pure Ocean Challenge (Route Saint Pierre-Lorient), 3 IPCC reports have been published. All 3 alert us even more to the fact that we really, really, really need to reduce our CO2 emissions and review, each of us, our consumption patterns.
We know exactly what needs to be done: CO2 emissions need to peak before 2025, and fall drastically after 2025, if we are to have any chance of staying below the 1.5°C global warming limit set in the Paris Agreement.
Everyone can act at their level by consuming more responsibly. It is up to all of us to commit to preserving the ocean, we have no more time to wait!
Let’s go #PureOceanLovers!
See you soon for more news from our crew!