5 ways you can protect the oceans

while enjoying your summer

Summer is here, the season of walks along the seaside and water sports has begun. But this incredible opportunity to enjoy the oceans each summer has consequences: human activity is the source of immense threats for the oceans, which are degrading faster than we think. This summer make sure you’re participating in their protection, rather than their destruction. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do this summer to reduce your impact on the oceans. 

  • Lose the straws in your cocktails. Plastic straws are extremely dangerous for marine biodiversity, often ending up in the stomach of sea animals. Make sure to avoid using them, you’ll only enjoy your drink more knowing you’re not harming marine species! 
  • Protect your skin, and the oceans. A sunburn can ruin a good holiday; but it’s important to know that the chemicals contained in some sunscreens are damaging coral reefs. This summer check the ingredients in your sunscreen and opt for a mineral-based, reef-safe one! 
  • Stay hydrated and plastic free. Using a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones is an easy way to make sure more plastic doesn’t end up in the oceans, and it’s also cheaper. 
  • Make your summer diet environment-friendly. Buy locally-grown and pesticides-free fruits and vegetables. The transportation of exotic fruits participates in global warming, and pesticides often end up polluting the oceans. Make sustainable seafood choices: when shopping or eating out, make sure to avoid over-exploited species. 
  • Make great memories while respecting biodiversity. When you go exploring, don’t remove any rock, shell or coral from the shore or the sea – they’re all important parts of an equilibrium. For your souvenirs, avoid objects made of coral, tortoise shell or shark products that harm marine biodiversity. The best summer souvenirs are the memories you will keep!  

The oceans are counting on you. The Pure Ocean team wishes you a wonderful and sustainable summer!