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“The evidence is crystal clear: Nature is in trouble. Therefore we are in trouble.” Sandra Díaz, co-chair of the Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services The IPBES Report, released on May 6, compiled by 145 experts from 50 countries, makes a devastating assessment of our planet’s biodiversity: 1 million species at risk of extinction. Human activities are clearly identified as responsible for the current alarming state of the planet. Oceans are suffering from overfishing, climate change, pollution and invasive alien species. Fragile marine ecosystems have declined dramatically, with, to name only one of many issues, the global bleaching crisis facing coral reefs. Oceans absorb 25% of the CO2 we emit. They are climate regulators. One of every two breaths we take is thanks to the ocean. Nearly 200,000 species living in our oceans have been identified but there may be millions more… It’s time to act. When I created Pure Ocean in 2017, I believed – and still do! – that we have the potential to save our planet. Pure Ocean’s goal is to mobilize civil society to support ambitious and innovative projects for the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Humans’ propensity to destroy our environment is equalled only by our capacity to innovate. Thus the baseline of Pure Ocean: Innovation in the service of our oceans. We are counting on you to help us continue to conserve marine biodiversity, protect and restore fragile marine ecosystems and contribute to the fight against climate change. Before it’s too late. David Sussmann, President Pure Ocean Fund