Discover our projects 2024 ➡️ Buffer 🪸

Do you know what a gorgonian is? These jewels of the Mediterranean are elegantly shaped tree-like colonies that are essential to marine biodiversity. They serve as nurseries for many fish, but also as life-support systems, like trees, at all levels of these animal forests, contributing to the balance of an entire ecosystem.

🌡️ Unfortunately, increasing marine heatwaves are threatening these precious treasures. Faced with this new climatic reality, some gorgonians are resisting, while others are succumbing. Why this disparity? That’s where the Buffer project comes in.

🧬 The Buffer team is embarking on a study of the genetic variability of red gorgonians in the Parc des Calanques. They will seek to understand the resistance mechanisms of these corals in the face of climate change.

🪸 Their aim: to produce scientific, political and awareness-raising tools to guide the targeted management of this ecosystem in a marine protected area. Because protecting gorgonians means preserving the future of an entire ecosystem.

📽️ Find out more about this incredible project on video!

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